Two passions. Motorcycles and enterprise. Two things that allow movement, to drive oneself and others further forward.

So far, instinct and conviction has landed him exactly where we wanted to be. According to Marcello Dibrogni, business is just that: it allows us to remain in dynamic balance between the market and proficiency, between work and passion, between respect and risk.

As a motorcycle enthusiast and collector, in his workshop he reconstructs the history of many engines, restoring 2, 3 or 4 wheel vehicles.

He tackled follies like the Rally of the Pharaons on a Vespa, an adrenaline test of resistance and defiance, that also lands you in a community that puts you to the test.

Just like riding his Vespa through the Egyptian desert, he is trying once again to get away from the path most-travelled.

Today we need another means to break the rules and enjoy the effect that makes the exception.

So, out of a conversation born in the garage with Marco, his friend for many years, this new project was born, this new challenge named SPILLO.

Along their journey they will discover new hardships and rules of time to confront... but they are already in the saddle!

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